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Monday, 1 December 2014

Celebrating Christmas- by Lupe

We need to celebrate Christmas so we can have fun, because it is Jesus' birthday.

 Celebrating christmas is important so we can have presents. We can gather with our family and go to the beach.

Christmas is important because it is a day when Jesus was born. We can have exciting trip to our country. We can have a christmas parade, watch movies, and do fire works.

 I think christmas is awesome because we can praise the Lord. 

Supporting Film Festival- by Punipuao

We need to support the film festival so we can watch other school movies made by Glen brae Primary, Tamaki College, and  Pt. England schools. My favourite movie is 'My Kitchen rules' because the two girls and boys won in the finals. My favourite actor was the man who kicked the box. We have to  support Manaiakalani Film Festival so we can watch other movies made by St. Patrick's classes.

 Room 8 at St. Patrick's filmed "It's not my fault". It is about the time that Johnny went to school. He got in trouble from the teacher. Later on, he went back home and was asleep on his table. Then he woke up and rushed to school.