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Friday, 10 June 2011

Cats make good Pets

I think cats make good pets.

The first reason many people love cats are because they are really, really soft that you can sleep with them, and they are so cute when they are kittens.

The second reason many people love cats is because they are fun to play with, and they will cheer you up. You can cuddle it too.

Some people hate cats because some are naughty. They can scratch you everywhere like your face, arms and legs. Some cats rip your pillows.

I think cats make awesome pets.

By Leonye Hill


  1. Leonye you have given two very good reasons in your persuasive writing why cats make good pets. Some people don't like cats because they scratch the furniture and catch birds. But I think they're intelligent animals!
    Mrs Manickum

  2. what a good story