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Friday, 10 June 2011

Ginger Beer is better than Coke

Ginger beer is much better than coke. Coke has lots of sugar, but ginger beer doesn't.

The first reason you should drink ginger beer is it makes you look normal, but coke makes you look fat and it is not good for you. Ginger beer is good for you because it has healthy ingredients.

The most important reason you should drink ginger beer and don't drink coke is because if you want to play for the All Blacks, the coach wouldn't want you because you're fat for drinking coke, but ginger beer makes you play any sport.

Ginger beer is 100% better than coke. People should drink ginger beer instead of coke.
By Giovanni B.


  1. hey vanni,
    some people might think that but some might not
    anyways what an awesomemstory well done.

  2. Hey Giovanni,
    I have to confess but I do agree with you, Ginger Beer are way better than coke. Keep up the good work :)


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