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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Stormy Weather by Philomena

THE STORMY WEATHER                                  
It was a day that was really frightening.

I got scared when the thunder struck. The room shook and we feared our lights will shut off.  It frightened us.  

Later the rain came bucketing down the chimney. It was like a nightmare when the sky rumbles with sharp lightning and thunder. It was scary when the sky made crackling sound.

The frightening thing was when a tree fell and makes a booming noise and broke the barbeque table. My mum and I were terrified from the loud noise that the sky was making.

By Philomena 



  1. Talofa Philomena, what a scary story you wrote. I like how you describe what the noise was making. How loud was the lighting?

  2. Hi Philomena! What a beautiful story,very scary too,very proud of you...awsome!!


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