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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Playing Tabloid- by Lupe

I like playing tabloid games because it is fun. Playing tabloid games is important because you can play games like Potato race, Hockey, Silent ball, Obstacle race, Basket bins, Sack race and Active race. 

Potato race is important because I can learn how to balance while holding a spoon with a potato on it. Hockey is important because we can learn how to hit the ball gently to get a point.Silent ball is a lesson for you to be quiet in class. 

Obstacle race is important because you can imagine you're going on an adventure! Basket bin is also important because you can learn how to play basketball when you're older. Sack race is also important because you can pretend you are a frog. Active race is important because our blood circulates around our body. 

I think tabloid games are fun and cool. 

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