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Saturday, 15 November 2014

The Wonderful APOPS Concert!

Apops Concert

First in the morning we went on the bus to see the Apops perform for us at Aotea Center.
In the bus Mrs. Dines said "Don't bring a camera". My partner was Benjamin. We were sitting in the fourth to last seat. When we got off the bus, we saw shops, houses and many trees. In the city we saw lots of tall buildings. The highest and the best was the Sky Tower. When we hopped out of the bus we saw the Aotea Center. In the Aotea Center there were seven floors. We were on the top floors. After that we saw the APOPS. Inside we saw many instruments, there was a flute, trumpet, piccolo, cymbal, violin, a keyboard and a drum. Lastly we saw a wonderful dance. When we came out, we had to sit on the concrete to wait for the bus. We played a game, it was called Pikachu. Finally we ate our lunch.

By: Xavier

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