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Monday, 11 May 2015

ANZAC day! by Vaughan Stowers

Last Friday was the celebration for those people that died for our country.

First we sat down on the grass and wait for Miss Bullot to come and start the prayer for the ANZAC day assembly. After that, the teacher gave out the crosses for some of the children to stick on the ground for remembrance of the soldiers.

Than we prayed for the ANZAC soldiers that died in the war. Than we sang the national anthem. Then they put poppies at the front of the cross.
New Zealand and Australia travelled to Gallipoli and had the biggest war.

The New Zealand soldiers were digging a tunnel to leave the battle field. In world war 1, there were lots of soldiers who risk their lives for our country and people. Finally we finish our prayer for ANZAC day.

One of the year 8 students rang the bell and we all went in the line to walk home.

Learning intention: write a recount.

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