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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Best Mum in the World -by Lupe

My mum is beautiful, because she wears stylish clothes and she makes my room shine with her own smile!  She is an awesome person,  because she takes me out shopping.

My mum is loving, she gives me a kiss and a hug before I go to bed and to school. She also gives me a snuggle if I am scared and have a nightmare.

She is helpful, she asked me if I need help or if I am stuck with my homework.

 She tells me to be smart, loving and helpful to others at school.

She is kind. She lets me go to Eti's house for Sio's birthday party and for a make up party.

 She doesn't want me to get hurt or sick.

 I love my mum more than she loves her self. 

I will always make my mum proud

If my mum dies I will be sad, but I will always be her little Tongan Princess. 

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