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Monday, 21 September 2015

Captured by Aliens by Lupe

Ahhh!! Im captured by aliens!! My spaceship landed perfectly on Saturn. When I opened the door and went out to explore, creepy aliens came and captured me. I woke up in darkness, then a bright light appeared. They asked me how is life on Earth. I told them there are worms, snakes and spiders in houses.I had a thought that they wanted to come and destroy earth, so I lied. I also said that people hate each other and they hate aliens, and if they see aliens they'll shoot them because they are harmful. I said the water is poisonous. I told them that earth is in a middle of a war, that's why I came to Saturn. They looked at each other and set me free. So, I hopped into my spaceship and flew to the moon. I will never go back to Saturn ever again.

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