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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

The Magic Horse by Summer

Learning Intention- W.a.l.t.. write a narrative story.
 Success Criteria: I know I can do this when I write a narrative story about a magic horse.


 Long ago I was asleep in my room when a magic rocking horse came through my window. It was very small. "Where would you like to go? I can take you anywhere,"the horse said. I told the horse where I want to go, but my mum woke up and asked if I'm ok."Yeah, I'm fine",I said. "I'm just trying to find my best toy friend". My mum said goodnight.The magic horse took me outside. There was a big bang and the horse grew and grew up to the sky.It was so big that my whole family woke up and they all asked what happened? The whole family climbed up to the big magic horse and they found a  giant girl in the house with another giant.The girl giant said "fe, fi, fo, fum" " I see a little family as one." "Hello Miss giant, can you help change my horse become small again?", I asked. The horse and my whole family went back home and didn't know it was morning. We all had dinner and went back to sleep. We will look after the magic horse, until we can find its mother and father.

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