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Thursday, 15 September 2016

1992 - Summer Olympics by Heneliena and Veronica

L.I. - We are learning to write about the 1992 Summer Olympics.
Success Criteria :I know I can do this when I can give information's about 1992 Summer Olympics.
History of Flame and Torch;
The ancient Greeks believed  that fire was given to humankind by "Prometheus" and considered to have a sacred qualities. Mirrors were used to focus the sun rays to ignite flames that would burn perpetually in from of the Greek temples.The Olympic flame began in 1936 in Berlin games. 3,330 runners brought the torch with flames.

Host country - Spain,Barcelona

Theme of the torch - Transcendence, integration and equality.

First torch lighter- Michel Planti - Football player

Last torch lighter - Antonia Rebollo - Basketball-

The only Paralympian ever to light the Olympic cauldron, Rebollo shot a flaming arrow over an open natural gas cauldron to ignite it.
                 Torch Relay
The 1992 -Summer Olympics torch relay was run from May 7th until July 28th,Prior to 1992 Summer Olympics into in Barcelona.The route covered around 59,400 kilometres.                            ( 36,900 mi) and involved  9,484 torch bearers.

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