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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Is school uniform important? by Heneliena

 Is school uniform important?

L.I.- We are learning to write an explanation.
Success Criteria- I know I am successful when I can write the explanation in a paragraph  form.

Wearing uniform is important because it is part of the school rules and if we don't wear proper uniform we might get a growling from the teachers. Our uniform is important because it represents our school.

School uniform is important because it will make us look clean and tidy.It is important because our students will not look better  wearing random clothes.Uniform is important because we don't have to wear odd clothes each day.

Uniform is important because  people wouldn't know our school if we don't have one.People would know the name of our school.It is important because they  recognise us from other schools.

Uniform is different than fancy clothes.

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