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Friday, 15 December 2017

Making good choices- by Augustine

L.I.-We are learning how to make good choices.
S.C.- I am successful when I can tell how my choices affect me and other people.

A) How I make good choices?

I help my mum to get the shopping.

I listen and obey my parents.

I will never play badly to with others.

B) How I will do it?

I will  push the shopping troley.

I obey doing what ever my parents.
asked me to do.

I will play nicely.

C) How my choices affects me?

When I help my parents I get rewards.

When I listen I get things done.

When I play nicely me and my friends are happy.

When I stop playing badly I am very nice.


  1. Kia Ora Room 6 @ Saint Patricks School
    Rikki-lee here from Totara 2. These are some very good choices that everyone should follow and obey. I help my Mum in the supermarket with my younger siblings Keep up the awesome work!
    From Rikki-Lee

    1. Hi Rikki-Lee, thank you for commenting, I am glad you are doing the same thing.
      We need others to do the same so we could have a peacful world.

  2. Hi son, you have made some good choices and I am proud of you trying to make sure that you help at home. Well done and keep the good work up.
    mum & dad


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