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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

All About Me- by Lolenese

All About Me
My name is Lolenese. I was born in Auckland.
My grandpa on my mum’s side is Reopaomo and my grandma is Lina. Grandpa's
birthday is in August, while grandma is in October.My grandpa and I have the same
birthday , but different year. We plan to visit them on April.

O au nei
O lou inoa O Lolenese
O lou papa sa fanau i le aso  o Aukoso i le tausanga, e maliu lou papa ua 64 ona
tausanga. O lou nana sa fanau i le aso 27 o Oketopa i le tausanga e lasa, ua 58
nei ona tausanga. O lou papa o Fia ma lou nana o Lolenese, o lou papas aso fanau
o setema 1st. E masani ona ae toa 2 ona tuagane.

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