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Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Making aRoads

Making a road-by Aleenah

Making a road 
1.How many kilometers
of roads are in New
There are over 90 thousand kilometers of roads are in New Zealand.
2.Why do planners need to see if the road is needed?
Because if we build something cars can’t get to the building.
3.What does the planners need to use to plan the road?
They use newspapers and brochures.
4.Why can’t the roads be bumpy or steep?
Because the planners need to make sure that
5.Why can’t the road be put down if the route is not cleared?
Because if the route is not cleared the road might not stay at the route.

My imagination of heaven-by Yesha

Ruels to follow-by Angelina

L.I.-Learning to create and follow rules.
S.C.- I am successful when I can write rules that I can follow.
House Rules :

Never talk back to your parent's because it's part of the commandment's  To respect to mum and your dad.

School Rules :

Never bully your classmates or swear at school. 

Church Rules :

You can't use self phones in church because you have to respect God's house.

Country Rules :

You can not murder anyone because it's part of the Ten commandments and you would go to jail for years.

Meaning of Christmas by Tyrah

The meaning behind Christmas Decorations - by Tyrah

Learning Intention: We are learning to understand the meaning behind Christmas decorations.
Success Criteria: I am successful when I can understand the meaning of Christmas decorations by a screenshot of my work of Christmas decorations and their meaning. 

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Chico - My pet dog- by Paul

Learning Intention- W.A.L.T write a poem following a format.
Success Criteria- I know I am successful  when I can write about my pet dog.

Sharp teeth, sharp claws and very scary.
Black and light brown hair, big and cuddly, bright green eyes, 

Likes to get a pat, meeting new people and sleeping in the sun, 
Enjoys running out side, and playing in the rain,

Hates nosy people, being smack, and rough games,
Enjoys eating dog food,

Scared of being alone, mean people,
Resident of Ngarimu Place, Panmure Auckland

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