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Thursday, 7 April 2011

The Giants Boots

The giant wore a massive boots that the Mt. Eden trees leaves falls off when he walk. He was invited to Leonye’s birthday party in Mt. Wellington with his boots on. He had 3 big scoops of ice-cream that it dropped in his boots. “Thunderation!” said the giant “My boots must be shiny, but my boots are dirty in the heels and the soles so I need to go to Angelina’s bath shop to wash my boots at 3:00 pm!”, so he went to Angelina’s bath shop. “What can I do?” asked Angelina. “I want to wash my boots!” growled the giant. “Sorry!” said Angelina. “You can go to Alex’s Shoe shop!” she smiled . So the giant went there at 4:00 pm. “How can I help you?” asked Alex.“ I want some new boots!” growled the giant. “Sorry!” said Alex. “You can go to John’s sewing place at the mall . Use this G.P.S to go there.” “Thank you!” smiled the giant. At last he went to John’s sewing place and he was there at 5 o’clock. “Can I help you?” asked John. “Can you please sew my boots?” asked the giant. “Yes I can!” smiled John and he sewed and sewed. “Thank you!” said the giant then he stomped away to the party. By Greshka

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