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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Dogs make good Pets

I think dogs make good pets.
The reason dogs can make good pets are because you can train them.Some dogs can also help when you are blind. Dogs will also make good pets if you keep them healthy.

Another reason dogs make good pets is because they are so cute when they
are puppies. They can chase robbers away from your home. They are especially good pets because they can help firemen and the police.

Sometimes dogs can be rough and bite you hard. Dogs can be dangerous that they can kill people. They can be annoying because they bark all the time at night.
If people look after their dogs they can look after you when you’re old and blind.
By Avishek.

Dogs make good Pets

I think dogs make good pets.

First, dogs eat all their food. They help blind people go where they want to go. They are smart when you tell them to do things. They can look after the house if you’re away. They chase naughty cats.

Secondly, they can stop burglars from stealing your property.
They help people by cheering them up when they are crying. They are cute.

Thirdly, dogs can be angry if you don’t treat them well. They will scratch, bite, and fight with other dogs.
They will run away.

Lastly everyone should treat dogs well and feed them every day.
By Julius

Friday, 10 June 2011

Cats make good Pets

I think cats make good pets.

The first reason many people love cats are because they are really, really soft that you can sleep with them, and they are so cute when they are kittens.

The second reason many people love cats is because they are fun to play with, and they will cheer you up. You can cuddle it too.

Some people hate cats because some are naughty. They can scratch you everywhere like your face, arms and legs. Some cats rip your pillows.

I think cats make awesome pets.

By Leonye Hill

Swimming is a good Exercise

Swimming is good for our body. Swimmimg is good for our parents.

Swimming is good for our body because it won't make us fat. We should go swimming everyday.

You can float in your front or your back. You can splash and you can swim to the bottom of the pool. You can swim anywhere, even at the beach and pools. You can swim morning and night.

Remember to swim all the time.
by Kevin Eltanal

Ginger Beer is better than Coke

Ginger beer is healthy for children in school.

Firstly ginger beer has healthy ingredients such as lemon, ginger, sultanas,hot water and honey. They are good for your body.

Secondly, I think ginger beer doesn't waste any money because it can be made at home by people who has the ingredients.

Thirdly, coke has too much sugar and gas. It doesn't help you think in school. People should not drink coke.

Finally, children in school should drink the healthy drink and don't believe those who like to drink coke.

By Anna Nafetalai

Ginger Beer is better than Coke

Ginger beer is much better than coke. Coke has lots of sugar, but ginger beer doesn't.

The first reason you should drink ginger beer is it makes you look normal, but coke makes you look fat and it is not good for you. Ginger beer is good for you because it has healthy ingredients.

The most important reason you should drink ginger beer and don't drink coke is because if you want to play for the All Blacks, the coach wouldn't want you because you're fat for drinking coke, but ginger beer makes you play any sport.

Ginger beer is 100% better than coke. People should drink ginger beer instead of coke.
By Giovanni B.