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Saturday, 28 February 2015

My Pets! by Lupe

This week I have been learning to write about my pets.
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Kitty and Paws are my pet cats.
Kitty and Paws are both black and grey.
Kitty is fat and Paws is skinny.
Kitty is soft and fluffy. Paws is soft but has a rough tail.
Kitty's eyes are black while Paws eyes are brown.
Kitty and Paws eats whiskas and friskies.
Kitty is harmful when he plays, but Paws is loving. Kitty is chubby, Paws is cute.
I love Kitty because she always stand outside waiting for us to come home.
I love Paws because when he was sick he was taken by the SPCA.
He might die or might not be my pet any more.

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