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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Playing badminton by Xyril

Woohoo!It's badminton time!!
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Last Friday our class went to play badminton in the hall. Then I saw the coach and he introduced himself to us,his name was Ben. He said he will teach us how to play badminton.

We did warm ups. The first thing we did was to jog to the other side of the hall and back. To be honest I ran not jogged as I was supposed to. Next we ran sideways facing the right wall and this time I followed the instruction.

After that our coach taught us how to hold the racket. He told us the parts of the racket and what not to do with it. Then he let us take a racket and taught us how to hit without the shuttle.

Each one was given a shuttlecock and practised hitting it. I tried to focus but the shuttle always falls down. Finally, we said thank you to the coach and and went back to class.

I enjoyed playing badminton,it was the best!

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