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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

My Magnificent Mother by Angelina

L.I.-W.A.L.T.-write an acrostic
Success Criteria:I know I can do this when I write an acrostic about my mum using adjectives. 

M-mum you are my best friend.
U-nique hand made dresses you made.
M-agnificent loving mother.
M-y mum looks after the family when we are sick.
Y-ou make me happy when I am sad.
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How to show Tika,Pono and Aroha by Angelina

L.I.-.W.A.L.T.-show and act with tika, pono and aroha.
Success Criteria:I know I can do this when I showed  and acted with tika,pono and aroha in different places.
       How to show Tika,Pono and Aroha
1.In the playground:
 I can show tika, pono and aroha when I let people go first on the swing, and when they fall, I will help them get up and take them to the teacher to put a plaster on their cuts.

2.In the classroom:

 I can show  tika,pono and aroha when I  obey and  respect the teacher. I will not shout at my  friends. I will be faithful to them and spread the message of Jesus to my class mates.

3.At home :                     
I can show tika,pono and aroha when I obey my family and help with the dishes, clean the rooms, and have self control when I get angry with my brother.

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Rippa Rugby by Angelina

L.I.-W.A.L.T.-write  instructions in order .
Success Criteria: I know I can do this when I can write instructions in order and use action words at the beginning of each sentence..

1.Warm up: Running and Stuck in the mud. 

2.Grab one sticky belt. 

3.Grab two tags and stick it on to the sticky belt. 

4.Tie the sticky belt around your waist.

5.Split into two teams and grab the ball.

6.Rip off a tag from one of the other team. 

7.Grab the ball off one of the other t

8.Throw the ball to your team mates.

9.Side step them to win.

10.Score a goal for your team.

11.Take off the tags,belts and return everything when the game is over.

How to play Rippa Rugby by Te Raiana

L.I.-W.A.L.T.- to write an instruction in order. 
Success Criteria: I can do this when I write an instruction in order and using action words in the beginning of the sentence on how to play Rippa Rugby.

1.Warm ups- star jumps, and jogging.

2. Grab a belt and tie it around our waist. 

3.Stick a coloured strap on the belt.

4.Start to run to a person and take off their strap.

5.Stop when the referee blows his whistle.

6.Get in two lines and the coach will pick a person to be in the middle.

7.Then coach will say people with black sandals run.

8.Join the person in the person in the middle if you get tagged.
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9.Return the strap and the belt.

10.Go and say thank you to the coach when 

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Measurement- Length by Roneeza

          Measurement- Length
L.I- W.A.L.T- measure length using cm.
S.C- I know I can do this when I can measure the length of the carrot using cm.
Today me and Anamaria measured a carrot using 5 cm, 10 cm, 6 cm, 8 cm.

This what we found out:

1. Using 5 cm- the carrot is eleven 5 cm.long.

2. Using 10 cm- the carrot is five 10 cm.long.

3. Using 6 cm- the carrot thirteen 6 cm.long.

4. Using 8 cm- the carrot is seven 8 cm.long

Measurement-Length by Anamaria

L.I.- W.A.L.T. measure length using cm
Success Criteria. -I know I can do this when I measure the length of  a carrot using centimetres. 
              Measurement- Length

Today me and Roneeza measured a carrot from its roots to the tip of the leaves, using 10cm., 5cm., 6cm. and 8cm. This is what we found out.

1. Using 5cm.= the carrot is eleven- 5cm. long.
2. Using 8cm.= the carrot is seven- 8cm. long.
3. Using 6cm.= the carrot is thirteen- 6cm. long.
4. Using 10cm.=the carrot is five -10cm. long.
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Problem Solving by Anamaria

L.I.- W.A.L.T - to solve division problem by equal sharing in one's ,two's, and fives.
Success Criteria:  I know I can do this when I solve problems by equal sharing using division and fraction.
                         Problem Solving 

Problems: How many lollies will be in each bag ?

1.  30 lollies shared between 5 bags.
I know the answer is 6 because 1/5 of 30 is 6 ,another way is 30÷5=6.
2. 45 lollies shared between 5 bags.
I know the answer is 9 because 45÷5=9 or 9×5=45 
 and 1/5 of 45 is 9.
3. 35 lollies shared between 5 bags.
I know the answer is 7 because 7×5=35 or 35÷5=7 and
1/5 of 35 is 7.
4. 100 lollies shared between 10 bags.
I know the answer is 10 because 10×10=100 or 100÷10
=10 and 1/10 of 100 is 10.