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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Measurement-Distance-by Moonia

                                       Jump the Plank
Learning Intention: W.A.L.- to measure how far we could jump the ''plank'' using centimetres. 
Success Criteria: I can do this when I measured the distance of how far I could jump the plank.

Our group jump the ''plank'' and measured how far each one of us had jumped. We use a chair as our plank and we started the measurement from the foot of the chair to the back of our heel where we landed from our jump. This are the results.

1. Heneliena jump was 105 centimetre long.
2. Uinisiete jump  was 120 centimetre long. 
3. My jump was 91 centimetre long.
4. Te Raiana jump  was 90 centimetre long.
5. Christopher jump was 90 the same as Te Raiana.


Uinisiete jumped the farthest.
Heneliena jumped the second farthest.
I jumped the third farthest.
Te Riana and Christopher jumped the fourth and the least farthest.

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