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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Room 6 Film - Reach Out.

All Over the World, can be heard the 'Cry of the Poor'.   We need to feed the hungry and give shelter
to the homeless.
Open your hearts and 'Reach Out'.


  1. Talofa Room 6,

    What a heart warming film! This made me think of all the things I have and how grateful. The idea of your film is very clear and genuine. How does this film make you feel?

    Room 10
    Ruapotaka School

  2. What a beautiful message. Well done Room 6. Your message really did reach out to me and you touched my heart. Here's to paying it forward😄

  3. Wow Nice movie when I watched in the manaiakalani film festival it touched my heart

    From Walter even though you can see my name at the top

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  6. Awesome work guys - well done Summer too - very proud of you!

  7. Woah that movie is outstanding, it blowed me away the time I watched it.
    I agree, giving to the poor is the right thing to do

  8. Hi room 6
    Your class film was very interesting and good. my favorite part was when the kids talked they were pretty confidant. good work keep up the hard work and be happy.

  9. Hi Room 6, I am Mele from Panmure Bridge School.
    This is one of my favourite films that is made in your school. The words you said is great too.
    Nice Work.

  10. Hi Room 6, well done to you all. We can hear evey words you say and the message is so clear. Augustine, you done well and so as your friends. Your sister and your brother will definately learn from your movie. Daniel, Marii and mum & dad


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