About Room 6

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Mr. Mac

Let’s go! Today is Duffy Assembly. Mr. Mac is showing his books to St. Patrick’s children. He was telling the children how he drove cool trucks in his paper and how he had a car crash. After that he got the cd of the book and gave it to Joseph and he put it in the listening post. Next Mr. Mac got four big books and gave it to Leonye, Star, Aaron, and Julius from room 2. We sang the song very loud. When the song was finish we went back to class. The song was so awesome and Mr. Mac too.

Our Duffy Hero

Hurry up! Run room 4, so we can go to the hall for Duffy Assembly! We were walking fast and we saw a humungous truck. When we were in the hall we sang our duffy song. Mr. Mac joined us singing. He danced with Mrs. Dines. Every body was laughing and singing at the same time. After that Mr. Mac read us his book. Me, Star, Aaron and Julius helped him. Then he put the disc on. We got to hold a book to show every one. I got a certificate for helping him read. Miss Lorenzo took a photo of me, Star, Aaron, Julius and Mr. Mac by his truck. I had fun at Duffy assembly but I was really, really shy because I was reading in front of every one at school.

The Giants Boots

The giant wore a massive boots that the Mt. Eden trees leaves falls off when he walk. He was invited to Leonye’s birthday party in Mt. Wellington with his boots on. He had 3 big scoops of ice-cream that it dropped in his boots. “Thunderation!” said the giant “My boots must be shiny, but my boots are dirty in the heels and the soles so I need to go to Angelina’s bath shop to wash my boots at 3:00 pm!”, so he went to Angelina’s bath shop. “What can I do?” asked Angelina. “I want to wash my boots!” growled the giant. “Sorry!” said Angelina. “You can go to Alex’s Shoe shop!” she smiled . So the giant went there at 4:00 pm. “How can I help you?” asked Alex.“ I want some new boots!” growled the giant. “Sorry!” said Alex. “You can go to John’s sewing place at the mall . Use this G.P.S to go there.” “Thank you!” smiled the giant. At last he went to John’s sewing place and he was there at 5 o’clock. “Can I help you?” asked John. “Can you please sew my boots?” asked the giant. “Yes I can!” smiled John and he sewed and sewed. “Thank you!” said the giant then he stomped away to the party. By Greshka

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

All About Me

My name is Greshka. I have black hair and brown eyes. I am 7 years old. I live at 50 Te Koa Road, Panmure, Auckland. I have 5 members in my family that is my mum, dad and 2 brothers. My mum’s name is Georgina and my dad is Armand. The things I like to eat are strawberries, bananas, and kiwifruit. My best friend is Elaine. My favourite sport is tennis.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Sports Day

Horray! It's Wednesday .We are having a sports day on the field with Ben.But first we have to change into our P.E. clothes, then go to the field, but Ben said we have to warm up and play a game called "Flush the Toilet." We have to pretend we are toilet if we get tag on the shoulder by another runner. Then wait until a person sat on you and they flush the toilet by pulling one of my arm down. Next Ben teach us how to do chest mark to catch a ball.The rule is to pretend you are scooping ice cream.After that we went back to class. I had a very great time with Ben and Anita.