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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Should Children Eat Chocolate? By Aiden

Should Children Eat Chocolate or
I think children should be allowed to eat chocolate whenever they want to because it has milk, and milk gives us calcium. It makes me happy because it tastes delicious. We should eat chocolate whenever we want because it has fruits.

Children should not be allowed to eat chocolate whenever we want to because it has lots of sugar which gives you diabetes. If you eat too much chocolate it makes you silly. It has lollies, and lollies make your teeth rotten.

Do you think chocolate is good or bad?

By Aiden 


  1. I really like your persuasive text Aiden. I think chocolate is good in small doses, but too much of a good thing is bad for you! Keep up the great work.
    Love, Mum.

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  3. Hi Aiden, I like the way you put lots of adjectives on your piece of writing and I also like how you asked a question as your conclusion.

  4. Wow Aiden! I really like your argument about eating chocolate. I think we should eat chocolate because I think it's delicious as well.

  5. Great persuasive writing Aiden.


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