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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Museum- by Kevin

Yesterday my family and I went to the Museum. We looked at all the things and dresses that people had created. I saw stairs that went up to the second floor. There was an open space, but we moved further inside the Museum.

  Then we saw an exhibit about shells, animals and a tiny shell's lifeline of growing into a big shell. Before long I found a passage leading into the Ocean exhibit. Inside there were turtles, The Great White shark, a Mako shark, more dangerous sharks and lots of fishes. I thought I would get lost.

 Another passage leads to the Volcano exhibit. There was 3 different types of rock from volcanoes and there was rock gongs that people made!  Also there was a simulation about the biggest volcano's eruption. It was scary. I thought it was a real eruption.

 Lastly we went  to the car park to go home. I was really tired from walking up, down, left,  right and backwards. 

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