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Friday, 16 December 2016

How to plant a seed.-by Kena

L.I- W.A.L.T-write a procedure. 
Success criteria: I know I can do this when I can write instructions in order how to plant a seed.

Materials: yoghurt pots, sheep fertilizer, watering cans, seed, soil, water.

1.Punch holes in the yoghurt container.
2. Write your name on a sticky paper and stick it on the container.
3.Put the soil in the container.
4. Make a hole in the soil with your finger and put the broad bean seed in the hole with the smiling end facing up. 
5. Leave it in the sun to grow and keep watering it everyday.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

How to show tika, pono and aroha- by Harley

L.I.-W.A.L.T-show and act with tika, pono and aroha.
Success-Criteria:I know I can do this when I showed and acted with tika, pono and aroha

1.In the playground, I can show respect to my friends by not being mean to them. 

2. In the classroom, I can show respect by not talking back to the teacher.

3. At the shops, I can show respect by not stealing, and not to take things that I have not paid for.

Prayer of the faithful- by Veronica

Prayer-Karakia prayer of the faithful

L.I.- we are learning to write a prayer of the faithful.
Success Criteria-I know I can do this when I write a prayer for the leaders to make decisions that are good for all people.

That people who are leader, that they should give peace and joy to all people by making peace to other leaders.

For those who are leaders of the world, that they should teach people about Gods  goodness.

For the people who are leaders,that they will try to  provide food and clean  water to the sick and poor.

For all leaders of the world,that they will give shelter to the poor.

For the leaders of the world, that they will make  good decision so that we can have  a better life. 

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Summer Olympics of 2012 by Christopher

2012 - Summer Olympics
                      By Christopher and Anamaria 
   L.I.- W.A.L.T.- write about the 2012 Summer Olympic.          Success Criteria: I know I can do this when I can give information about the 2012 Summer Olympics.

  History: flame and torch :The ancient Greeks believed that fire was given to the humankind by Prometheus. Mirrors were used to focus the sun rays to ignite flames that would burn perpetually in front of the Greek temples. The Olympic Flame began in 1936 in Berlin games. 3,330 runners brought the torch with flames.

Host Country : London , United Kingdom 
First torch lighter- Spyros Gianniotis  is a swimmer .

Last torch lighter- Desiree Henry is an athlete .

How many torch bearers altogether- 8,500 

Counties they travel in 4 years- they travel in 6 countries. 

Olympic Torch Design- The triangular shape of torches represents the Olympic values, respect , excellence and friendship. The Olympic torch is gold.
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Is school uniform important? by Heneliena

 Is school uniform important?

L.I.- We are learning to write an explanation.
Success Criteria- I know I am successful when I can write the explanation in a paragraph  form.

Wearing uniform is important because it is part of the school rules and if we don't wear proper uniform we might get a growling from the teachers. Our uniform is important because it represents our school.

School uniform is important because it will make us look clean and tidy.It is important because our students will not look better  wearing random clothes.Uniform is important because we don't have to wear odd clothes each day.

Uniform is important because  people wouldn't know our school if we don't have one.People would know the name of our school.It is important because they  recognise us from other schools.

Uniform is different than fancy clothes.

How do cats show their feelings? by Kena


How do cats show their feelings?

L.I- we are learning to write an explanation.
Success Criteria:- I know I can do this when I write a question in the heading, an Introduction to tell about the topic, and series of points telling how and why.

Cats have many different ways of showing their feelings.

When cats are happy they show their feelings by smooching you when you tickle their tummy. They roll over when you play with them.

When cats are playful, they show their feelings by jumping up and down the chair. They chase leaves when the wind blows it.And they chase the ants and stomp on them. 

Cats are frighten when you tip water on them, their  fur goes
up. Their fur goes up when they see the vacuum cleaner coming to them.

When cats are angry they spat . They scratch you, when you make them very angry.

Cats are the most wonderful and coolest pets in the world. 

Measurement-Distance-by Moonia

                                       Jump the Plank
Learning Intention: W.A.L.- to measure how far we could jump the ''plank'' using centimetres. 
Success Criteria: I can do this when I measured the distance of how far I could jump the plank.

Our group jump the ''plank'' and measured how far each one of us had jumped. We use a chair as our plank and we started the measurement from the foot of the chair to the back of our heel where we landed from our jump. This are the results.

1. Heneliena jump was 105 centimetre long.
2. Uinisiete jump  was 120 centimetre long. 
3. My jump was 91 centimetre long.
4. Te Raiana jump  was 90 centimetre long.
5. Christopher jump was 90 the same as Te Raiana.


Uinisiete jumped the farthest.
Heneliena jumped the second farthest.
I jumped the third farthest.
Te Riana and Christopher jumped the fourth and the least farthest.