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Friday, 1 July 2011

Children must drink milk everyday

I am a 7 year old girl and I need to drink milk everyday.
Milk makes you grow , and children from different school should drink milk so they can grow like me. People from different places should drink milk so they can be healthy.

Firstly, Fat people who stays at home should drink milk so they can be normal again. It is a healthy drink when you are at home. Milk makes you strong and healthy because it has vitamins.

Secondly, you can have milk with your cereals. It helps you to listen to the teachers at school.

Thirdly, farmers milk the cows in the farm so they can have milk in their afternoon tea, after school, and at nightime. They put milk in the bottle and put them in the shops so people can buy them.

Lastly milk is a drink that everyone likes , but then some people still buy fizzy drinks.

BY Elaine Fonua

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Dogs make good Pets

I think dogs make good pets.
The reason dogs can make good pets are because you can train them.Some dogs can also help when you are blind. Dogs will also make good pets if you keep them healthy.

Another reason dogs make good pets is because they are so cute when they
are puppies. They can chase robbers away from your home. They are especially good pets because they can help firemen and the police.

Sometimes dogs can be rough and bite you hard. Dogs can be dangerous that they can kill people. They can be annoying because they bark all the time at night.
If people look after their dogs they can look after you when you’re old and blind.
By Avishek.

Dogs make good Pets

I think dogs make good pets.

First, dogs eat all their food. They help blind people go where they want to go. They are smart when you tell them to do things. They can look after the house if you’re away. They chase naughty cats.

Secondly, they can stop burglars from stealing your property.
They help people by cheering them up when they are crying. They are cute.

Thirdly, dogs can be angry if you don’t treat them well. They will scratch, bite, and fight with other dogs.
They will run away.

Lastly everyone should treat dogs well and feed them every day.
By Julius

Friday, 10 June 2011

Cats make good Pets

I think cats make good pets.

The first reason many people love cats are because they are really, really soft that you can sleep with them, and they are so cute when they are kittens.

The second reason many people love cats is because they are fun to play with, and they will cheer you up. You can cuddle it too.

Some people hate cats because some are naughty. They can scratch you everywhere like your face, arms and legs. Some cats rip your pillows.

I think cats make awesome pets.

By Leonye Hill

Swimming is a good Exercise

Swimming is good for our body. Swimmimg is good for our parents.

Swimming is good for our body because it won't make us fat. We should go swimming everyday.

You can float in your front or your back. You can splash and you can swim to the bottom of the pool. You can swim anywhere, even at the beach and pools. You can swim morning and night.

Remember to swim all the time.
by Kevin Eltanal

Ginger Beer is better than Coke

Ginger beer is healthy for children in school.

Firstly ginger beer has healthy ingredients such as lemon, ginger, sultanas,hot water and honey. They are good for your body.

Secondly, I think ginger beer doesn't waste any money because it can be made at home by people who has the ingredients.

Thirdly, coke has too much sugar and gas. It doesn't help you think in school. People should not drink coke.

Finally, children in school should drink the healthy drink and don't believe those who like to drink coke.

By Anna Nafetalai

Ginger Beer is better than Coke

Ginger beer is much better than coke. Coke has lots of sugar, but ginger beer doesn't.

The first reason you should drink ginger beer is it makes you look normal, but coke makes you look fat and it is not good for you. Ginger beer is good for you because it has healthy ingredients.

The most important reason you should drink ginger beer and don't drink coke is because if you want to play for the All Blacks, the coach wouldn't want you because you're fat for drinking coke, but ginger beer makes you play any sport.

Ginger beer is 100% better than coke. People should drink ginger beer instead of coke.
By Giovanni B.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Mr. Mac

Let’s go! Today is Duffy Assembly. Mr. Mac is showing his books to St. Patrick’s children. He was telling the children how he drove cool trucks in his paper and how he had a car crash. After that he got the cd of the book and gave it to Joseph and he put it in the listening post. Next Mr. Mac got four big books and gave it to Leonye, Star, Aaron, and Julius from room 2. We sang the song very loud. When the song was finish we went back to class. The song was so awesome and Mr. Mac too.

Our Duffy Hero

Hurry up! Run room 4, so we can go to the hall for Duffy Assembly! We were walking fast and we saw a humungous truck. When we were in the hall we sang our duffy song. Mr. Mac joined us singing. He danced with Mrs. Dines. Every body was laughing and singing at the same time. After that Mr. Mac read us his book. Me, Star, Aaron and Julius helped him. Then he put the disc on. We got to hold a book to show every one. I got a certificate for helping him read. Miss Lorenzo took a photo of me, Star, Aaron, Julius and Mr. Mac by his truck. I had fun at Duffy assembly but I was really, really shy because I was reading in front of every one at school.

The Giants Boots

The giant wore a massive boots that the Mt. Eden trees leaves falls off when he walk. He was invited to Leonye’s birthday party in Mt. Wellington with his boots on. He had 3 big scoops of ice-cream that it dropped in his boots. “Thunderation!” said the giant “My boots must be shiny, but my boots are dirty in the heels and the soles so I need to go to Angelina’s bath shop to wash my boots at 3:00 pm!”, so he went to Angelina’s bath shop. “What can I do?” asked Angelina. “I want to wash my boots!” growled the giant. “Sorry!” said Angelina. “You can go to Alex’s Shoe shop!” she smiled . So the giant went there at 4:00 pm. “How can I help you?” asked Alex.“ I want some new boots!” growled the giant. “Sorry!” said Alex. “You can go to John’s sewing place at the mall . Use this G.P.S to go there.” “Thank you!” smiled the giant. At last he went to John’s sewing place and he was there at 5 o’clock. “Can I help you?” asked John. “Can you please sew my boots?” asked the giant. “Yes I can!” smiled John and he sewed and sewed. “Thank you!” said the giant then he stomped away to the party. By Greshka

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

All About Me

My name is Greshka. I have black hair and brown eyes. I am 7 years old. I live at 50 Te Koa Road, Panmure, Auckland. I have 5 members in my family that is my mum, dad and 2 brothers. My mum’s name is Georgina and my dad is Armand. The things I like to eat are strawberries, bananas, and kiwifruit. My best friend is Elaine. My favourite sport is tennis.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Sports Day

Horray! It's Wednesday .We are having a sports day on the field with Ben.But first we have to change into our P.E. clothes, then go to the field, but Ben said we have to warm up and play a game called "Flush the Toilet." We have to pretend we are toilet if we get tag on the shoulder by another runner. Then wait until a person sat on you and they flush the toilet by pulling one of my arm down. Next Ben teach us how to do chest mark to catch a ball.The rule is to pretend you are scooping ice cream.After that we went back to class. I had a very great time with Ben and Anita.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Snow White and the Ten Dwarfs

Can you believe it? Today I saw a loving princess named Snow White. Every day she fed her four cats and dogs. The Queen was very angry when she saw her feeding the animals because she hated animals.She called one of her bad servant to sent Snow White to Samoa. Snow White heard the plan so, she ran into the scary forest. Finally she found her way out and saw a little house with ten dwarfs in it. She went to one of the dwarf and asked if she could stay and the dwarf replied "Yes ,you can". The Queen saw her on the magic mirror and got so, so angry that she hunted her. First she turned herself into a prince and made a poisoned flower. The Queen pass by Snow White and gave her the flower. She smelled it and fall into a deep sleep. When the dwarf saw Snow White they ran to another prince that lived on top of the hill. The prince ran until he saw Snow White and kissed her. She woke up and the prince asked her to marry him. Snow White agreed and they lived happily ever after.