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Monday, 1 December 2014

Celebrating Christmas- by Lupe

We need to celebrate Christmas so we can have fun, because it is Jesus' birthday.

 Celebrating christmas is important so we can have presents. We can gather with our family and go to the beach.

Christmas is important because it is a day when Jesus was born. We can have exciting trip to our country. We can have a christmas parade, watch movies, and do fire works.

 I think christmas is awesome because we can praise the Lord. 

Supporting Film Festival- by Punipuao

We need to support the film festival so we can watch other school movies made by Glen brae Primary, Tamaki College, and  Pt. England schools. My favourite movie is 'My Kitchen rules' because the two girls and boys won in the finals. My favourite actor was the man who kicked the box. We have to  support Manaiakalani Film Festival so we can watch other movies made by St. Patrick's classes.

 Room 8 at St. Patrick's filmed "It's not my fault". It is about the time that Johnny went to school. He got in trouble from the teacher. Later on, he went back home and was asleep on his table. Then he woke up and rushed to school.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Celebrating Christmas- by Punipuao

Celebrating Christmas is important because it is Jesus birthday and you can have fun and have fire works.

It is important because you can celebrate by gathering your family for a great dinner and have a BBQ, or a party at your house.

You can have a trip to other country to have fun and enjoy your self at the beach.

I think Christmas is important because you can have presents from Santa, and from your Mum and Dad.

Playing Tabloid- by Lupe

I like playing tabloid games because it is fun. Playing tabloid games is important because you can play games like Potato race, Hockey, Silent ball, Obstacle race, Basket bins, Sack race and Active race. 

Potato race is important because I can learn how to balance while holding a spoon with a potato on it. Hockey is important because we can learn how to hit the ball gently to get a point.Silent ball is a lesson for you to be quiet in class. 

Obstacle race is important because you can imagine you're going on an adventure! Basket bin is also important because you can learn how to play basketball when you're older. Sack race is also important because you can pretend you are a frog. Active race is important because our blood circulates around our body. 

I think tabloid games are fun and cool. 

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Celebrating Christmas- by Kevin

Celebrating Christmas

We need to celebrate Christmas because we can celebrate Jesus's birthday. It is important because we can celebrate the coming of Santa. It is fun to celebrate Christmas because we can collect presents from Santa Claus.

 Everyone celebrates Christmas so we can give presents to our neighbours and friends. Supporting Christmas is very important so we can watch  Santa Parade.
 I think Christmas is fun because there are lots of fireworks and it is a good time to play games,watch movies,and visit your relatives. It is the perfect time to pray with your family.

By Kevin

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Go ! APOPs Go!- By Te Raiana

First we went on the bus. On the way I saw
shops, houses, buildings, cars and a church.
Next, the whole school got off the bus and
 I saw different schools .

We walked to Aotea Centre. When we sat down,
we saw other children.  The people that were on
the stage played  violin, harp, trumpet
and many more. They started playing cool music.
 After we watched the show we left.
We all liked the show.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Film Festival- By Lupe

Supporting Film Festival

We need to support the Film Festival so every school could watch each others movies.

 It is important to support the film festival because many schools can participate like Glenbrae School,Stone Field School,Tamaki College and many other schools.

We can watch Judge G.I. I like it because there are princesses in it and she is my favourite actor.
I like her because she solved the problems of Snow White and The Three Little Bears.The judge acted very,very, very great.

I love Manaikalani Film Festivals. 

Yum, yum, ice cream! by Lupe

Ice cream 
Yesterday my class and I made ice cream. First, we crack four eggs and separated the egg yolks and egg whites. Next, we beat the egg whites and it turned fluffy and thick. Then we beat the egg yolk, it turned fluffy and thick too. After that we beat the cream. We put the cream into the egg yolk, then egg whites into the cream and egg yolks. After that, we added chocolate drops. Lastly, we put the ice cream in two containers and we placed it in the fridge to freeze for 6 hours.

The next day was Friday . Guess what, we had ice cream for lunch. We said that the ice cream we made is better than the ones in the shops. It was so, so yummy. 

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Ice Cream! by Sydney Rayne

I'm excited because room 4 is going to make ice cream. Me, Lupe, Angelina and George were beating the egg whites. It became fluffy and thick. Then, Mary's group were beating the egg yolks and  sugar. Next, Xaviers group had to beat the cream. After that we had to mix them all together. Then we added chocolate drops. We put it in the freezer for 6 hours. Next day it was raining, we had to eat our lunch first, before we could eat the ice cream. Then we went to room 5 to watch "Frozen 3D" movie . We didn't get to watch the rest of the movie because the bell rang. Making ice cream was fun.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Are you flexible? by Sydney Rayne

Gymnastics is important because I can jump on the trampoline doing star jumps five times. It is important because we can have energy to roll on the mat. I can skip, and  hop on one foot, and on the other foot. I can balance on the beam. I think gymnastics is important because it makes us fit.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

The Orchestra -by Veronica

 On Wednesday we went on a bus to the Aotea Centre to listen to the Orchestra. I feel great.I was excited too. I saw buildings,trees and flowers out the window of  the bus. 
When we got to Aotea Centre we got off the bus. We followed the teachers upstairs to our seats, and we sat down. 
We watched the people make music with instruments. It sounded scary and loud. The conductor helped the orchestra to make music.
 The children were dancing on the stage. I was clapping because the children were amazing. 
The bus came to pick us up. The bus took us back to school.

The Wonderful APOPS Concert!

Apops Concert

First in the morning we went on the bus to see the Apops perform for us at Aotea Center.
In the bus Mrs. Dines said "Don't bring a camera". My partner was Benjamin. We were sitting in the fourth to last seat. When we got off the bus, we saw shops, houses and many trees. In the city we saw lots of tall buildings. The highest and the best was the Sky Tower. When we hopped out of the bus we saw the Aotea Center. In the Aotea Center there were seven floors. We were on the top floors. After that we saw the APOPS. Inside we saw many instruments, there was a flute, trumpet, piccolo, cymbal, violin, a keyboard and a drum. Lastly we saw a wonderful dance. When we came out, we had to sit on the concrete to wait for the bus. We played a game, it was called Pikachu. Finally we ate our lunch.

By: Xavier

The very quiet cricket - By Roneeza

One hot day from a tiny egg a little cricket was born. One day he saw a butterfly. "Hello" said the butterfly, but the baby cricket didn't answer. Next he met a bumble bee "Hello" said bee, but the baby cricket didn't answered either.

Then the baby cricket saw a moth, "Hello" said the moth. But the baby cricket didn't answer. Lastly he saw a praying mantis. But the baby cricket didn't answer. 

That was the story of the very quiet cricket.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Could We Celebrate Mission Day? by Roneeza


We should celebrate Mission Day because we can have fun and lots of things to do on Mission Day.

On Mission Day we can have face painting, buying lollies, guessing how many lollies in the jar, buying food at the court like ice blocks, chips and fizzy drinks. 
I also bought bottles that Room 5 made.
My friend and I was thinking about buying two drinks, for Angelina and me.

We asked how much, but it was $2.00 and we didn't have enough money to buy them. 

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Now you know me better- by Roneeza

My name is Roneeza,  I am 6 years old. I have black and short hair and the colour of my eyes is brown.I live in Auckland. I like cheese on toast every morning. I like watching "Lego the movie". I watched the cartoon of Tom and Jerry show. One of my favourite colour is purple and I like to play tag with my friends.
My best friend is Mary.

I have one sister and I go to school with her.

Do you know how to make ice cream? by Roneeza

I like ice-cream because it is nice, cold, and yummy. Our group beat the sugar and the egg yolks until it becomes soft and round. Then we put the cream, egg whites and egg yolks together to make it look like ice cream.

When it was done, Mrs Twomey put it in the freezer to make it hard. and leave it there for four to six hours. Next morning, at lunch time we ate the ice-cream, and then we watch the movie Frozen .

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Mission Day by Sydney Rayne

We should celebrate Mission day so we can donate money for the orphanage in India, so they can have toys to play and have plenty of clean water to drink. We should also celebrate Mission day so the orphans can have shelters or homes to live in and food to eat. It is important so the orphans can go to school and learn lots of things. 

We should have Mission day because it is a fun day and we could buy things and donate money. We should celebrate Mission day because you can play games, win prizes,  buy  lollies or toys. It is also important so you can have fun and students can watch movies in different classes. 
 St. Patrick's school donated lots of money to the orphanage.

How to make a ham and vegetable sandwich! by Angelina

Materials: 2 pieces of bread, butter, lettuce, tomato, ham, knife
1. First get two pieces of bread.
2. Next get a knife and butter the bread.
3. Then put vegetables.
4. After that add the ham.
5. Lastly put the other piece of bread on top.
6. Now you can eat your ham and vegetable sandwich.

Should we celebrate Mission day? by Veronica

We celebrate mission day so we can have fun to raise money. We give the money to the orphans in India. The orphans can buy clothes to wear if they have money . They need money to buy clean water, papers and pencils for school. They also need money for food. The money is also for toys to play with. The orphans need clothes and shoes to wear. They need a bed, a pillow and a blanket to keep them warm.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Cultural Night by Angelina

Can you believe it?
Last night the children went to the hall. It was the cultural festival night.
There were six culture groups. I belong to the Chinese group. First it was Maori group who danced. Next the Chinese, then the Rarotongan, and European Fusion was next. Then it was American Pop. Finally it was the Samoan group. The Samoan group danced and swayed. We waited until Mrs Bullot finished talking. Then we went downstairs. The Chinese group went to Room 7. At home, my mum asked "What did you dance ?". "I danced with the Chinese group and Isaac danced the hip hop," I said.

The Wonderful Orchestra!

The Orchestra

We went in the bus to the Aotea Centre to listen to the orchestra. I saw some buildings and some train tracks out of the window of the bus. I was feeling happy and excited on the bus. 

When we got to the Aotea Centre we walked up stairs with our partners. We sat down on the seat. The orchestra used the instruments to make music. They made beautiful sounds with the instruments. Everybody clapped because the music was beautiful.  

We got the bus, back to school.

By Kyle

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Come on!! Celebrate Mission Day! by Xavier

We should celebrate Mission Day so that orphans can have paper, pencil, food and water to use. We donate money so that they can have shelter, clothes and electricity. We raise money to the orphans so  they can read books.

 We should celebrate Mission Day so that they can build school for the orphans in India.

Friday, 7 November 2014

How is APOPS important? by Kevin

APOPS is important because we can listen to music from instruments.

The instruments are violin, flute, trumpet, drums, piccolo and keyboard. We need to listen to APOPS so we will know what musical instruments they use to make music. If we don't go to APOPS, we will not know any musical instruments and what sounds they make.

The best part I like most is the music from the musicians playing the trumpet because it makes a big sound. When the orchestra started to make the music of a parade, it scared me.

I think APOPS is cool because the musicians play lots of musical instruments to make cool music.

The Teddy Bear

                                     Teddy Bear

The teddy bear is comfy and soft. Its is hairy all over. The teddy bear has black marks and his paws are very large. I can hug the teddy bear. I can play with it. The teddy bears scarf is colourful. I like the teddy bear because it is soft.

By: Kyle

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Do you have an orphanage you raise money for? by Lupe

     Should we celebrate Mission Day?

We should celebrate Mission Day so we can donate money to the orphans in India.

It is important to donate money because the orphans don't have any homes to live in.
 They don't have mums and dads.

 St Patrick School should donate to them so they could go to school and learn.
We should celebrate Mission Day so they can buy pencils, books and paper to use at school, from the money we donated. St Patrick School should celebrate Mission Day so they can have clothes to wear and electricity to light their homes.   
 I think Mission Day is very very important, to help the poor orphans in India.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

I love ice cream, it's the best! by Mary

                                            Ice cream
Last Thursday me and my class made ice cream. First, we cracked 4 egg whites in a big bowl and then we put the egg yolks in the second big bowl. Lupe's group had to mix the egg whites first until it  became fluffy and thick. My group had to mix the egg yolks to so that they will become fluffy and thick too. Xaveir's group had to mix the cream to make it thick. Then we put the egg whites, egg yolks and the cream together. Every one had a turn mixing the egg whites, the cream,to the egg yolks together. Lastly,every one had a turn to put all the ingredients in a container, so Mrs Twomey can put it in the freezer.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

All About Me! By Punipuao

My name is Punipuao. I am seven years old. The colour of my hair is black and my eyes are brown. My favourite food is salad with roast chicken.  I love watching 'Frozen'. I like the colour purple. I like to play tag with my friends. My favourite cartoon is 'Every Which Way'.

The book I like best is Secret party. I live with my mum, dad, brother and little sister. I live in Glen Innes. I go to Saint Patrick's school with my older brother and my little sister goes to kindergarten.

 I have a massive garden in the front of my house. My best friend is Lupe. 

I like playing with my friends and watching cool movies.

Friday, 28 March 2014

My Holiday in Tonga

Why is Milk Important?

                     Milk is important
Milk is important because it can make us big. It can make us strong. We can use it in food and cereal.

Is St.,Patrick's Day Important?

St Patrick day is important to celebrate. It is important because I can make a leprechaun book mark and paint a shamrock in room 6. It is important because I can play skittles and play a fishing word game in rooms 1 and 4. I think St Patricks day is special because I can play lots of activities in all the classrooms.